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Hall 10 - Foundations

Thursday May 17th, 15:30-16:15

Expressive Kafka Streams API for Scala Developers

About this Session

This talk presents a couple of libraries for using Scala for Kafka streams development:

  • 1. A fluent Scala API with proper type inferencing that leads to Scala code with a lot less boilerplate than when using the Java API from Scala. The API wraps the original Java API and hence the developer can use the same builder style composition in Scala but with fewer type annotations & better abstractions.
  • 2. An HTTP-based query layer on top of the Kafka streams interactive query service. The solution is based on akka-http & provides a query service across the distributed instances of your Kafka application.

Required knowledge

Basic Scala, Kafka Streams

Learning objectives

The objectives are 2 fold:

  • Use idiomatic Scala APIs from your Kafka Streams application. The current Java APIs that Kafka Streams offers are a pain to use from Scala because of added type annotations and quite a bit of boilerplate code. Learn about the HTTP query library that makes Kafka Streams Interactive Query services available across the distributed instances of your application.


Boris Lublinsky

Boris Lublinsky is a software architect at Lightbend, where he specializes in big data, stream processing, and services. Boris has over 30 years? experience in enterprise architecture and has been accountable for setting architectural direction, conducting architecture assessments, and creating and executing architectural roadmaps in fields such as big data (Hadoop-based) solutions, service-oriented architecture (SOA), business process management (BPM), and enterprise application integration