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Hall 2 - Foundations

Wednesday May 16th, 10:15-11:00

ExecutionContext Demystified

About this Session

For many people the execution context is just the "thing" that you import when the Scala compiler complains that it's missing one. Fair enough...but what exactly is an execution context and what effect does it have on the execution and performance of our asynchronous code? We'll explore different implementations of execution contexts in order to understand why not all of them are equally suited for all kinds of operations and we'll look at best practices and common pitfalls for choosing and using execution contexts in our code.

Required Knowledge

Basic knowledge of Futures

Learning objectives

Understanding what an execution context is and what happens behind the scenes when Futures are executed. Gaining basic knowledge to choose a suitable execution context based on the nature of the performed operations.


Petra Bierleutgeb

Petra Bierleutgeb is a freelance software engineer interested in Scala, FP, Linux and infrastructure. She greatly enjoys rock climbing and from time to time she writes blog posts and speaks at conferences.