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Hall 6 - Foundations

Wednesday May 16th, 10:15-11:00

Akka: Present and Future

About this Session

In this talk we'll go through all the major additions over the last year to Akka, Akka HTTP and Akka Streams as well as a look to the future. This is a really exciting time for Akka with the typed API on its way to maturity. Some of the things we'll cover:

Akka typed:

  • - When is it ready for production?
  • - Persistence and cluster API
  • - Coexistence with untyped Akka
  • Multi DC clustering
  • Artery (Aeron and TCP)

Required knowledge

Basics of Akka will help, but not required.

Learning objectives

Get up to speed with the latest developments in Akka as well as seeing where the library is going over the next year.


Christopher Batey

Christopher is a Senior Engineer in the core Akka team at Lightbend. He works primarily in Scala but also spent 10 years writing Java and a couple of years writing Go.