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Hall 1 - Foundations

Wednesday May 16th, 14:30-15:15

A pragmatic introduction to Category Theory

About this Session

Category Theory has become one of the hot topics in the community. Why is it so interesting for us? Why are the cool kids passionate about it?

This talk will introduce the general principles of Category Theory in a pragmatic, non-mathematical way. We will show practical examples of how this theory has managed to simplify and solve common challenges that we encounter in our code daily, such as nullable values, error handling, parallel and sequential operations and data validation. We will apply them to create our own category theory library from scratch using ScalaCheck as the only dependency.

Required knowledge

A knowledge of what referential transparency is would be useful, but probably isn't essential.

Learning objectives

Our objective is to share what we have learnt from the construction of this large system.


Daniela Sfregola

Daniela Sfregola is a Software Consultant based in London, UK. She is an active contributor to the Scala Community, a passionate blogger at and the author of the book Get Programming with Scala by Manning.